class Insecta

class Insecta
insects; about five-sixths of all known animal species
Syn: ↑Insecta, ↑Hexapoda, ↑class Hexapoda
Hypernyms: ↑class
Member Holonyms: ↑Arthropoda, ↑phylum Arthropoda
Member Meronyms:
Mantophasmatodea, ↑order mantophasmatodea, ↑Mecoptera, ↑order Mecoptera, ↑Collembola, ↑order Collembola, ↑Protura, ↑order Protura, ↑Coleoptera, ↑order Coleoptera, ↑Embioptera, ↑order Embioptera, ↑Embiodea, ↑order Embiodea, ↑Anoplura, ↑order Anoplura, ↑Mallophaga, ↑order Mallophaga, ↑Siphonaptera, ↑order Siphonaptera, ↑Diptera, ↑order Diptera, ↑Hymenoptera, ↑order Hymenoptera, ↑Isoptera, ↑order Isoptera, ↑Orthoptera, ↑order Orthoptera, ↑Phasmida, ↑order Phasmida, ↑Phasmatodea, ↑order Phasmatodea, ↑Exopterygota, ↑subclass Exopterygota, ↑Hemimetabola, ↑Dictyoptera, ↑order Dictyoptera, ↑Hemiptera, ↑order Hemiptera, ↑Psocoptera, ↑order Psocoptera, ↑Corrodentia, ↑order Corrodentia, ↑Ephemeroptera, ↑order Ephemeroptera, ↑Ephemerida, ↑order Ephemerida, ↑Plecoptera, ↑order Plecoptera, ↑Neuroptera, ↑order Neuroptera, ↑Odonata, ↑order Odonata, ↑Trichoptera, ↑order Trichoptera, ↑Thysanura, ↑order Thysanura, ↑Thysanoptera, ↑order Thysanoptera, ↑Dermaptera, ↑order Dermaptera, ↑Lepidoptera, ↑order Lepidoptera

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